Dynamix Accountants

Our expert accountants provide your business with tailored accountancy services ensuring you get the relevant guidance, support and advice that you need and will often help improve profitability.

Year End Accountancy Services

Dynamix accountants work to year end accountancy rather than deadline accountancy. We write to each client the day after their year-end and ask them to send in their information, and we explain what it is we need. We then write to them again one month later and send a copy of the original letter. After this, we telephone the client and encourage them to get us the information we need. This lends itself to clients providing us with the information we need earlier than they might normally. This in turn allows us to provide them with relevant support, guidance and advice as well time to budget for tax bills etc.

Management Accounts

Most accountants are not in a position to offer these as part of their normal services; therefore clients don’t necessarily understand the benefit of having monthly or quarterly management accounts until they join us. We ask the client to send us certain information regularly which allows us to provide them with relevant support, guidance and advice, whether this is support in developing the business and improving it, helping it to grow, or tax saving planning advice. This happens during the trading year rather than at the end when it too late to make relevant and useful changes, allowing us to help clients save money, and improve their profitability.

VAT Returns

VAT is charged when a VAT-registered business sells to either another business or to a non-business customer. When VAT-registered businesses buy goods or services they can generally reclaim the VAT they've paid. To do this, it is normal for businesses to account for VAT quarterly. Everything (in the majority of circumstances, but not always) a VAT Registered business sells has VAT on it, a lot of the things (but not everything) you buy has VAT on it. This quarterly accounting is called ‘preparing the VAT Returns’ and we do this for our clients.


We have a policy of visiting the majority of our clients 4 times a year. This allows us to build a strong relationship of trust and understanding with our clients. We are flexible with our visits, some clients choosing to see us less and others choosing to see us more regularly. We have a positive principle that if we visit our client at their site we can understand their business and give much more support to them than if we just stayed in our own offices.

Meet the Accountants

Meet the accounting team you will be working with at Dynamix if you ask us to look after your accounts.

Naz Khaliq

Managing Partner

Ashfafur Rahman

Tax Specialist

Laura-Jane Hayes

Head of Hospitality, Property and Retail

Henna Khan

Senior Accountant

Claire Middleton

Senior Accountant

Matthew Bugby

Client Manager

Victoria Sharp


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